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“More is better” has been losing popularity in our increasingly downsizing culture, but making it work in our homes can be tricky. We have learned to eat less, but more nutritionally. We know to conserve more natural resources and waste less in unnecessary purchases. Our culture has embraced the idea of frugality, yet we find it difficult to practice when it comes to home design. Just as people need information to change their daily eating and consumption habits, so we need to learn to live well... more

When my husband and I bought our 1925 English Tudor house eight years ago, the sellers had just remodeled the kitchen. Or should I say “remuddled” the kitchen. We could see right away that there were many corners cut and that it would eventually need to be remodeled again. I was disappointed because I wanted to design the kitchen for myself. Other than that, it was a great house, on a large corner lot, in a nice neighborhood with a two-car garage. The house needed a lot of work but had the proverbial... more

Portlanders love their old homes. Features like original moldings, millwork, built-ins, coved ceilings, covered porches, leaded glass windows, and hardwood floors are irresistible to many homeowners, who will go to great lengths and expense to preserve and restore them. That appeal of another era loses its romance, however, in the kitchen, where many homeowners abandon preservationist ideals. Who finds anything seductive about a refrigerator on the back porch or counters with the working space of... more

A home remodel is one of those things that can breed procrastination. Everyone wants to make the most of his or her home, but many, especially the uninitiated, put off making it happen. Perhaps, like a long-delayed trip to the dentist, this anxiety results from outdated perceptions and a lack of good information. But good things, like a bright, healthy smile, can result from overcoming fears and make us wonder why we waited so long to get started. Step One: Do Your Homework Prioritize your projects.... more

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