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Whether you need a new showerhead or just want a change, there are hundreds of choices out there. There are at least four different kinds of showerheads: fixed, rain, slider hand-held, and multi-everything. The fixed showerhead has several adjustments, such as for a strong flow, pulsing spray, and massage action. The slider shower systems have a slider bar and a hand held showerhead. What I call the multi-spray is usually a combination of the fixed with the slider, and also body jets. Delta Arzo... more

It is one of those dreaded things in life, when the toilet doesn’t flush. At first, you jiggle the handle and it works for a while. Deep down, you know that you really should go down to A-Boy and buy a new flapper. You let it go a little longer, until you have to jiggle it almost every time. The procrastination is starting to get to you, so you go and buy a flapper for less than four dollars. It sits in the trunk of your car for a week and then your wife says, “We have relatives coming to visit... more

Nothing makes a bathroom stand out quite like a shower area that is a real work of art. You could have that look if you took the time, effort, and a modest amount of money to make it happen. The best part is that a quality shower doesn’t have to cost a lot. This tub enclosure is made with ¼” glass, and because it has three sections it collapses down to a minimum of space when not in use. The above shower enclosure is an example of 1/2 “ frameless glass and is strong, but very minimalistic. This... more

A faucet is comprised of a spout, handle(s), and at least one valve. The valve is the part that gets the most wear and tear. Faucets and valves keep this world in running water. We couldn’t have the water systems we have today without the controls afforded by pipes and valves. The only problem is that all valves leak over time. If we don’t keep our faucets in good repair, they will leak. Single basin faucet. Although not common in most homes these days, it still has the most common compression... more

There are few things in a home that get beaten, scraped, and chopped at as much as the kitchen sink. Though we all appreciate the kitchen sink, we don’t think about it much until the day we decide we need a new one or we are selecting fixtures for a new home or kitchen remodel. The best sink is the one that lasts a lifetime and the one you don’t have to spend much time worrying about. Only when it needs a good cleaning do we really focus on it and then we either appreciate its features or hate... more

The bathroom fan has come a long way in just the past year. With the introduction of the dual-sensor fan that monitors both humidity and motion, the bathroom fan has become mostly automatic. For many years the bath fan was turned on like a light with a switch or a timer. Now the Panasonic WhisperSense fans come on only when moisture or motion in the bathroom is detected. It saves energy by not working when it is not needed. Why operate the fan when there is no moisture, and you are not there? By... more

The kitchen sink is evolving. Gone are the days when your only choice was between a single or a double bowl. The number of bowls is only one of many options the sink buyer has to consider in the 21st century. Sinks from a century ago were nearly all made of cast iron or ceramic materials.   Swanstone granite undermount sink.   Porcher‘s London 36″ single bowl farm sink.   Elkay undermount Harmony E-Granite sink. Today the question is not just of what kind of kitchen... more

Hydrotherapy has come a long way since its inception in the 1800s. Until the Jacuzzi Brothers came out with the first home unit in the 1950s, hydrotherapy was used in hospitals, mostly for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The first unit was revolutionary in its day but primitive by today’s standards. It was a pump that hooked onto the edge of an existing bathtub to create the whirlpool effect. In the 1960s Jacuzzi came out with a whirlpool similar to the ones we know today. That unit had integral... more

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