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There have been some interesting trends in the world of flooring over the last year. Some of the most notable advances have been in the ease of maintenance and installation. Oiled Wood Floors The realm of “what’s old is new again” can be seen in the development of oiled wood flooring. In this country, we decided to put the hardest finishes we could find on the surfaces of wood floors. These finishes protect the floor by forming a wear layer, in effect a plastic-type film on the surface of... more

Now that the green movement is driving the vast majority of new flooring products toward sustainability, it’s time to discuss the use of floors that can be installed over the top of existing floors without adhesive. Marmoleum Click This is a green issue. First, you are not tearing out material and transporting it to a landfill. Second, the lack of adhesive minimizes the possibility of off-gassing into the living area. Third, the majority of areas being replaced are older, traditional dry-backed,... more

The changing perceptions of the consumer and the explosion of product selection have fundamentally changed the way people acquire flooring products today. While not unimportant, the cost of the product is not as dominant a factor. Sustainability, style, longevity and practicality are now at least as important, if not more so. What many people seem to be looking for (and these different attributes are weighed differently from person to person) is value. Cork: A perfect example of this is cork. A lot... more

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