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Here in Portland, many of the beautiful homes you see as you drive through the Mississippi, Alberta, and Mount Tabor neighborhoods were built prior to 1980. Older homes provide a historic charm that many homeowners enjoy. However, remodeling updates, particularly to the plumbing of these homes, are a must to keep them safe and stylish for years to come. Performing these updates brings up a number of issues unique to older plumbing. If you are renovating a home constructed over 40 years ago, consider... more

I have been recently revisiting the “Green Plumbing” theme, and found that the term “green” has many different definitions. The most important is finding that definition for the homeowner. Is conserving water your concern? Saving energy? Are you looking to reclaim rainwater? Maybe the term “green plumbing” has more to do with how you water your lawn and gardens. Maybe the homeowner wants to pack all of these concerns together. Going green with your plumbing concerns is just like every... more

Showerhead from Kohler's Forté collection that uses 1.75 gpm of water. Photo courtesy of Kohler As we head into the time of year that we hear about water shortages, it might be a good idea to talk about conservation. Water conservation has come a long way in the past 15 years when people grimaced upon the mere mention of the topic. Today we have toilets that actually perform well while saving water, and the same for showerheads, and faucets. We now have hot water heaters that are more efficient,... more

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