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Next time you need a new sconce or dome light, try thinking outside the (big) box (store). Anybody can buy those lights! You want something different. You didn’t realize it before, but you do. You want something old. Something used, refurbished, re-wired. And I’m here to help you! While new is good, and it certainly has its place (new underwear comes to mind), it can lack character. And there’s also the danger of new being homogenous. Homogenized milk is good. Homogenized light fixtures... more

I am ostensibly rebuilding my deck at the moment. In reality, however, I’m remodeling my back yard. I will have a new and bigger deck, plus new paths, new fence, a patio for my containers, and more. It’s a ginormous project. And, I’m trying to use primarily salvaged materials. I like the low-impact feeling and look I get from using salvage and I love the challenge of turning salvage into a beautiful space. If you don’t know, I have purchased about 30,000 pounds of salvaged metal from... more

Being a good Oregonian, I care about the environment. I have heard of carbon credits, but they seem a little impersonal. Instead, over the years I have developed my own carbon credit program. It’s not official — it exists in my head only — but it makes me feel better about some of my bad habits. And what’s wrong with that? You have to start somewhere, right? Kerei and bamboo used to make a parquet pattern. Recycled leather floor tile. My pickle barrel floors. Here’s what I... more

Do you have a teenager who’s bugging the crap out of you? A mother-in-law or brother-in-law who visits too frequently and stays too long, keeping you out of your office (which doubles as your guest room)? Do you have a hobby (knitting? quilting? tying flies?) that was once confined to the dining room table and is now spilling onto the kitchen counters — or perhaps into even more inconvenient locations? I have a friend who keeps excess yarn in the bathtub, and I am careful not to wonder about... more

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