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Whether you need a new showerhead or just want a change, there are hundreds of choices out there. There are at least four different kinds of showerheads: fixed, rain, slider hand-held, and multi-everything. The fixed showerhead has several adjustments, such as for a strong flow, pulsing spray, and massage action. The slider shower systems have a slider bar and a hand held showerhead. What I call the multi-spray is usually a combination of the fixed with the slider, and also body jets.

Delta Arzo series. Contemporary style with a unique design, offers a rain-like shower experience.
Jado Hatteras. Inspired by the sea design showerhead. Allows you to adjust the water pressure while in the shower.
Jado Glance. Minimalist style with flawless function. This showerhead offers three different spray setting with a built in low flow water rate.

Every showerhead system will do the basic job of helping with cleaning and rinsing the soap and shampoo off you. For most people, the fixed showerhead is the usual choice because that is what is plumbed into the standard home these days. It is also the least costly of the choices and is easy to maintain and change, when necessary. There are so many of these showerheads out there that it would take pages and pages to list them all. A-Boy Electric & Plumbing stocks showerheads by Delta, Moen, Waterpik, Jado, and Peerless, as well as some very basic units. They range in price from $12 to $80. You don’t have to spend a lot for a great showerhead.

The rain showers are probably the fastest growing category of showerheads. They let the water drip like rain and have a totally different feel than high-pressure showerheads. Some people find it very refreshing using a rain shower. Rain showers have a large, flat surface where the water drops through nozzles under very little pressure. Rain showers can be eight to 12 inches in size. They are usually round or square. Because of the size and the many nozzles, the price is quite a bit more than for a standard type fixed showerhead.

The slider hand-held shower system is usually comprised of a fixed showerhead and a hand-held unit. Sometimes there is no fixed showerhead at all; the hand-held unit is mounted on the wall or the slider bar for a hands-free shower. These are great for rinsing down low or for elderly or handicapped persons. Many folks will even wash the dog with a hand-held shower. The hand-held shower is flexible and has adjustable sprays, just like the fixed heads. The hand-held shower systems are a great buy and are easy to install without doing a lot of plumbing. They usually just attach to the wall in your existing shower.

The next step up is the multi-tool shower systems. These deluxe systems have it all, and then some. They may have one or more fixed heads, a slider, and hand-held, as well as one or more rain showerheads to boot. They also have body sprays, which are heads mounted on the wall that will spray the middle of the body with jets of water. You may as well be walking through a car wash with one of these systems. There is custom plumbing and a high cost associated with systems like this, but some people buy expensive home theater systems and others like really nice showers. These systems are special-ordered and usually require a consultant who knows how to make them work correctly. A-Boy is a great place to find that someone to walk you through the ordering and planning process.

At the Hollywood and Barbur A-Boy stores, there are 12 working showerheads; you can turn any of them on to see and feel the sprays. Seeing your showerhead in action, whatever kind it is, is very helpful in deciding which model to buy.

Dan Dolan is the owner of A-Boy Electric and Plumbing, a local chain with three locations in Portland, that specializes in hardware, garden, and plumbing solutions for the home. He can be reached at, or visit

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