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There has always been a blending of decorative arts with functionality in the design of domestic kitchen tools, everything from painted scenes in the glazes of ancient clay vessels to the graceful curves in hand wrought iron kitchen tools. The Shakers, for example, were known for blending simple elegance with form and functionality in a way that parallels that of ancient Japanese artistry. General Electric marketed the first electric toaster in 1909. It was simply known as the D-12. Of the three... more

So you are trying to achieve a more period look in your old house kitchen. At some point you will need to make the decision between using actual vintage appliances or reproduction appliances. When consulting with clients on their kitchen restoration projects, I carefully assess what their needs are and then advise accordingly. Big Chill replica refrigerator sports a 1950s vintage personality outside, but has modern functionality inside. The best of both worlds. Heartland vintage six burner... more

When my husband and I bought our 1925 English Tudor house eight years ago, the sellers had just remodeled the kitchen. Or should I say “remuddled” the kitchen. We could see right away that there were many corners cut and that it would eventually need to be remodeled again. I was disappointed because I wanted to design the kitchen for myself. Other than that, it was a great house, on a large corner lot, in a nice neighborhood with a two-car garage. The house needed a lot of work but had the proverbial... more

Historic preservation consulting is a multifaceted area. There are professionals who specialize in nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, historic tax credits, research of historical records, and policy administration relevant to historic properties. There are also preservation consultants who specialize in traditional building crafts, architectural plans and drawings, historic landscapes, period lighting, plumbing, tile, paint colors, wallpapers, and other... more

The dishwasher, we take it pretty much for granted. When looking at a home, the dishwasher is a convenience that we have come to expect. We use it to store dirty dishes, and sometimes clean dishes as well. But how did the dishwasher come to be? It’s an interesting story. The first patent for a dishwasher was granted to Joel Houghton in 1850. It had a wooden paddle that splashed water onto the dishes, but it was fairly ineffective at actually cleaning them. L.A. Alexander picked up the concept again... more

Tax Breaks and Rebates Help Ease the Switch If you’re looking for one more way to slow water consumption, save energy, and save money, consider buying a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or clothes washer. The environmental benefits are immediate, and you’ll earn your investment back in a few years, especially with the rebates, Oregon tax credits, and federal incentives now available to most homeowners. Why is making the switch important? Because saving energy prevents pollution. When you choose... more

In the past few years “green” eco-friendly buildings have been receiving a lot of notice. Most of this attention has been directed at constructing new green buildings. But those wanting to restore an older house or business are also finding more products and services available to them. Cork flooring was used extensively in mid-century homes and is popular again today as a green alternative.Photo courtesy of Arciform LLC Refurbishing older cabinets, rather than replacing them... more

Ask designers Rhonda Knoche and Anne De Wolf about kitchen trends, and you’ll get at least a moment’s hesitation before they reply. That almost imperceptible moment of silence has nothing to do with their knowledge. Both can readily answer questions about kitchens from floor to ceiling, including historic design, structure, appliance features, efficiency, and ecology, but trends — well, both prefer to make things a bit more personal. This open kitchen and family room shows one family’s... more

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