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Art Deco

The quest for appropriate hardware can be very confusing, and the choices overwhelming! For those looking to select appropriate hardware for their period home, there is the need to understand what would have been used in a particular time period, coupled with personal taste. For our purposes, the focus will be on the kitchen and bath areas. These are the two rooms most commonly “re-muddled” in vintage homes. Sometimes it may be just too expensive to remove a previous owner’s misguided mangling... more

With vintage houses and buildings, the hardware and lighting are architectural “jewelry.” In any renovation or restoration, attention to detail is crucial to a successful outcome. And among the many details, matching the style of hardware to the period of the architecture is critical. Actually, any changes to a vintage or historic house or building need to be considered with regard to what is right for the period of the architecture and the individual building. Mid-Century Modern Sputnik... more

One of Portland’s most successful restorations in the past decade has been the Signal Gas Station in the St. Johns neighborhood. About nine years ago, developer Rob Phillips, owner of Renovation Properties, had been searching for an antique gas station to restore. A classic car enthusiast as well as historic building contractor, Phillips wanted to create a completely authentic backdrop to showcase his and other’s antique automobiles. When a many-times remodeled St. Johns florist shop came on... more

Art deco started as a sophisticated French style in the early 1920s. It was soon promoted by Hollywood as the “style of the stars.” Motion pictures and the burgeoning worldwide media transformed art deco into a universally understood symbol of glamour and excitement. The term “art deco” comes from the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratif” — a comprehensive exhibit of the latest in applied arts held in Paris in 1925. The use of “art deco” as a descriptive label, however,... more

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