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For many Portlanders, a kitchen remodel is a chance not only to update appliances and aesthetics, but also to reconfigure the flow of an older home and bring it in line with how we live today. With multi-purpose bars or nooks to serve multi-tasking modern families, today’s kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare food. Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Matt Niebuhr Photo by Matt Niebuhr Photos by Matt Niebuhr In... more

“More is better” has been losing popularity in our increasingly downsizing culture, but making it work in our homes can be tricky. We have learned to eat less, but more nutritionally. We know to conserve more natural resources and waste less in unnecessary purchases. Our culture has embraced the idea of frugality, yet we find it difficult to practice when it comes to home design. Just as people need information to change their daily eating and consumption habits, so we need to learn to live well... more

When was the last time you took a bath? Was it in a standard tub-shower combination, or were you using a soaking or jetted tub? Soaking and jetted tubs offer many benefits as far as relaxation and stress relief are concerned. However, we hear a lot of complaints from homeowners about standard tub-shower combination units, from the step-up being too high to the tubs themselves being too short or too shallow. Real estate markets may indicate that having a bathtub in your home will help resale value,... more

YIPPEE!!! It is finally spring…finally! The daffodils and tulips are blooming, the grass is getting greener, the evenings are getting longer, and it is starting to get warmer. Although it has not been a particularly chilly winter, I am more than ready to run headlong into spring. I think what I am most excited about this spring is color. Color and lots of it! I really, really love color, especially orange, which is a bit ironic considering that I cannot bring myself to wear anything except black.... more

We knew we had our work cut out for us when we wholeheartedly agreed to collaborate on the redesign of this 1950s kitchen. Tom and Hilary, owners of this wonderful Mid-Century Modern ranch in Portland, OR, had specific ideas when it came to the new design. Having worked as a professional chef in her mother’s French restaurant while growing up, Hilary had precise notions of how a kitchen should function, and function it does! By implementing a few hard and fast commercial kitchen... more

We spend at least a third of our lives in a single room. We turn there for comfort, refuge, and daydreaming. So why don’t we give more thought to our bedrooms? Not to get too personal about it, but it may have something to do with our private and public selves. We give our all to impress and entertain others, so the kitchen and other main floor rooms get our primary focus. But the bedroom is private, and if no one else is going to see it, we may think it unworthy of our attention — to our own... more

As you evaluate a potential home remodel or a new purchase, you may envision doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor. Either way, you will find value in hiring an interior designer to help see your vision through from beginning to end. By engaging a professional designer, you become the direct beneficiary of his or her expertise, resources, passion, and innovation. The following speaks to what you should expect when hiring a professional interior designer. Your Needs Are #1 An interior designer’s... more

Wall decorations go back to the days when people lived in caves. There, on the stone walls, are the images of hands and animals. Mystical beings look out at us as artistic memories of that time and place. Although the Chinese were using decorated rice paper to embellish their walls for thousands of years, the story of wallpaper in Europe started with the use of beautiful tapestries that were hung to both bring beauty into the space and act as a form of insulation. Castles with stone walls were cold!... more

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