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After traveling to Italy and enjoying a dinner cooked in a wood fired Pompeii oven, I had a dream to build my own oven. The dream went on the back burner until I visited Portland and enjoyed pizza at Ken’s Artisan Pizza; again I desired my own oven. Fast forward five years and a relocation to Portland. I finally decided I was in the right place to build my oven. Doing the research and consulting with my son’s employer, located in Seattle, who built his own oven, I figured it out and started the... more

So your recent trip to Hawaii or to the infamous Tiki Tiki Room at Disneyland, or whichever tropical destination that you have just returned from, has you all fired up to have a little ‘Flavor of the Islands’ at home. You don’t have to live near the Pacific islands to sip drinks from a coconut cup and relax to tropical music, but having your very own tiki bar will certainly help take you to paradise while entertaining at home. Basements, garages, and back yard patios are all excellent choices... more

Yoga helps put my mind and body in tune with my world and balances my life equilibrium. Organized rooms and spaces provide me with a sense of balance, too. What disrupts your equilibrium? Could it be restoring a historic home, remodeling an outdated kitchen, or replacing your carpet with hardwood floors? As a professional organizer, I am tipped out of sync when an abundance of possessions are scattered about my home. A messy desk in my home office interrupts my state of calm, even if the rest of... more

For this how-to we are using limited installation guidelines and photos for a Laurelhurst Fan. If installing a Laurelhurst Fan, a more custom installation brochure comes with the fan. We would like to thank the owners of the Laurelhurst Fan Company for providing this information. This basic overview should work with many wall mounted exhaust fans. Every fan has its own characteristics so check with the installation guide that came with your fan before attempting any installation. Safety Precautions There... more

Installing a pre-hung door is one of those things that a carpenter learns by doing. It becomes instinctual and automatic after a while, but the steps involved can be analyzed and explained so that almost anyone can understand the basic process. If you want to do it yourself, I advise you to try a few inexpensive doors first (such as interior doors), so you can get a feel for the job and learn to trouble-shoot some of the surprises that may come up. Before After In this case, we are... more

Bradford Derusit offers a biodegradable metal cleaner that does not require a neutralizing agent for disposal, eliminating the water pollution often encountered with other cleaners. B-P Metal Cleaner is harmless to skin, metal, and other materials. It is virtually odorless and gives off no toxic fumes. Northwest Renovation puts it to the test in this how-to. In this how-to we used a rusty hinge (figure 1). Start by using a plastic or glass container deep enough to cover the hardware or tool (figure... more

If you are attracted to the idea of vegetable or herb gardening, a raised bed is a great way to start. This is a great project to get the kids involved. They can choose the herbs, vegetables, or even strawberries to have a garden of their own. Your family can choose a theme such as a pizza or taco garden: planting tomatoes, basil, tomatillas, peppers, cilantro, onions, and more. With this design the bed is easy to break-down and move, no parts to lose, and is perfect for a temporary location. ... more

Collecting the rain that rolls off your roof to use in the garden preserves natural resources and saves money on your water bill. One affordable way to capture hundreds of gallons of rainwater every year is to make and install rain barrels from simple plumbing fixtures and recycled food grade containers. Instructions Depending on the type of barrel and location of your downspout, determine how you will route water from the downspout... more

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