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Ladd’s Addition in southeast Portland is one of the Rose City’s oldest planned residential developments. A designated historic district, the area is among Portland’s most architecturally rich neighborhoods, with most of the homes built between 1905 and 1930. When Karen and John Hopkins purchased their 1908 craftsman style house a few years ago, Karen was taking the first step toward realizing a simple personal goal — to own, live in, and care for an older home. After Before Working... more

For many Portlanders, a kitchen remodel is a chance not only to update appliances and aesthetics, but also to reconfigure the flow of an older home and bring it in line with how we live today. With multi-purpose bars or nooks to serve multi-tasking modern families, today’s kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare food. Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Anna M. Campbell Photo by Matt Niebuhr Photo by Matt Niebuhr Photos by Matt Niebuhr In... more

Gone are the large, boxy TVs, replaced by wall-mounted flat panel screens and mobile devices. Young people have no memory of the large furniture-like TV sporting a black and white screen, with only ABC, CBS, and NBC as the program options, or the heavy “clunk, clunk, clunk” as the dial was turned between them. Nor do they have memories of the “TV Lamp” that could often be found glowing above the TV, as the screen below flickered in shades of gray. So what were TV lamps... more

Wow! It is August. How did that happen? I swear that Christmas was yesterday, or so it seems. I remember on the day I turned 21— which yes, was a long, long, time ago— someone told me that once you hit 21, time speeds up and you will be 40 before you know it. Boy, they were not kidding. Where did the time go? I’d better hurry out to the garden before it is Thanksgiving. I am sure you have all planted your veggies…right? I am off to late start (see previous paragraph). It is not that I don’t... more

When you decide that it is time to get some professional help and bring in a designer to tame your landscape, you will find a variety of choices. One option is Landscape Design In A Day (DIAD); it’s a fast, fun, and collaborative way of approaching the design process. For people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little of the pre-design work, this is the way to go. You save a lot of time and as much as half of what a full service design process would cost. Fire pit adds visual... more

A lot of remodeling contractors do not let their homeowners do any work on their projects because — ostensibly — they say that the owner’s workmanship might make their project “look bad.” (And, in some cases this is true!) Or, they say, it is hard for the contractor to schedule around owners who are doing some of the work themselves, because the owner may or may not be able to get his or her part of the project done in a timely manner. (This, too, is true sometimes.) And, they say, they... more

The American Gothic Revival movement began around 1840 and continued for about thirty years for houses, much longer for churches and schools. Though early Portland was once filled with Gothic Revival houses, none exist today. Gothic style houses, together with houses in the Greek Revival style, were built in those central city neighborhoods most likely to meet the wrecking ball from the ever-expanding downtown. Other cities in Oregon, those that did not experience Portland’s explosive growth, still... more

When remodeling clients’ homes, one of the primary challenges we contractors encounter is mold. Pooled moisture leads to mold and mildew, often followed by bacteria, which introduces the possibility of termites and other vermin. While you may have entered the home expecting to take down and rebuild based on the customer’s plans, your job can suddenly change from remodeler to cleanup specialist. Handling mold and preventing further infestations are essential parts of a job well done, so employing... more

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