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Here in Portland, many of the beautiful homes you see as you drive through the Mississippi, Alberta, and Mount Tabor neighborhoods were built prior to 1980. Older homes provide a historic charm that many homeowners enjoy. However, remodeling updates, particularly to the plumbing of these homes, are a must to keep them safe and stylish for years to come. Performing these updates brings up a number of issues unique to older plumbing. If you are renovating a home constructed over 40 years ago, consider... more

It is one of those dreaded things in life, when the toilet doesn’t flush. At first, you jiggle the handle and it works for a while. Deep down, you know that you really should go down to A-Boy and buy a new flapper. You let it go a little longer, until you have to jiggle it almost every time. The procrastination is starting to get to you, so you go and buy a flapper for less than four dollars. It sits in the trunk of your car for a week and then your wife says, “We have relatives coming to visit... more

Northwest Renovation interviewed the owner of Portland Vintage Plumbing, Brenda Wasco, on what products she has to offer and how she can help her customers find the right products for their home remodel. Why did you start Portland Vintage Plumbing? I’d worked in the plumbing industry for over 10 years when the business I worked for closed. I couldn’t imagine anything I would rather do, so with the encouragement of a very good friend, I opened Portland Vintage Plumbing. I have been... more

A faucet is comprised of a spout, handle(s), and at least one valve. The valve is the part that gets the most wear and tear. Faucets and valves keep this world in running water. We couldn’t have the water systems we have today without the controls afforded by pipes and valves. The only problem is that all valves leak over time. If we don’t keep our faucets in good repair, they will leak. Single basin faucet. Although not common in most homes these days, it still has the most common compression... more

There are few things in a home that get beaten, scraped, and chopped at as much as the kitchen sink. Though we all appreciate the kitchen sink, we don’t think about it much until the day we decide we need a new one or we are selecting fixtures for a new home or kitchen remodel. The best sink is the one that lasts a lifetime and the one you don’t have to spend much time worrying about. Only when it needs a good cleaning do we really focus on it and then we either appreciate its features or hate... more

I recently had a customer come into the northeast Hollywood district A-Boy store, sit down at my desk and tell me about his recent remodel and his brand-new high-resolution 240Hz, plasma flat screen TV in his basement. The client then started to tell me about his leaky water heater. He asked for a price on a standard 40-gallon gas water heater. I proceeded to ask the gentlemen why he didn’t replace his new plasma TV with a 16” black-and-white television. When you think about it, that’s exactly... more

Kohler Karbon Kitchen Faucet With five pivoting joints, the Karbon articulation faucet offers total range of motion, putting water exactly where it needs to be. Now featuring an extended palette that includes Bronze, Polish and Brushed Gold, and Black with polished Chrome. Available in deck and wall mounts units. Delta Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet The high-arc spout swivels 360º for complete sink access. The pull-down spray wand features a 62″ hose providing a 20″ reach,... more

In case you have not noticed, there is a race going on in the toilet industry. Over 20 years ago the low flush (1.6 gallons) toilet became the standard and low flush also became synonymous with poor performance. Every toilet needed a plunger to help it along because the manufacturers didn’t know how to make them work without the 3.5 gallons of water they were used to working with. About 10 years ago Toto, a Japanese company, began selling toilets that outperformed all the other low flush toilets.... more

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