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Ladd’s Addition in southeast Portland is one of the Rose City’s oldest planned residential developments. A designated historic district, the area is among Portland’s most architecturally rich neighborhoods, with most of the homes built between 1905 and 1930. When Karen and John Hopkins purchased their 1908 craftsman style house a few years ago, Karen was taking the first step toward realizing a simple personal goal — to own, live in, and care for an older home. After Before Working... more

Known as the “Tiffany of the Northwest,” the Povey Brothers Studio has produced some of the most beautiful and lasting stained glass pieces in all of Oregon. For instance, David and John Povey’s artwork can be found in the First Presbyterian Church, the Atkinson Memorial Unitarian Church, and the Pittock Mansion, just to name a few. Their windows were known for having unequaled quality and beauty, which has allowed the windows to last for over 100 years. The art of stained glass was a family... more

The quest for appropriate hardware can be very confusing, and the choices overwhelming! For those looking to select appropriate hardware for their period home, there is the need to understand what would have been used in a particular time period, coupled with personal taste. For our purposes, the focus will be on the kitchen and bath areas. These are the two rooms most commonly “re-muddled” in vintage homes. Sometimes it may be just too expensive to remove a previous owner’s misguided mangling... more

Unlike original kitchens and bathrooms in vintage homes, vintage fireplace fronts are less commonly remuddled (although it does happen). However, homeowners do confront the issue of how to properly restore something that has been inappropriately altered or address other types of damage to vintage fireplace fronts. It is challenging to find a craftsperson who has an in-depth knowledge of how to approach damaged tile fireplace fronts. But never fear, there is indeed an expert who can make expert repairs... more

Small, unique, family-owned, intimate, and wildly busy, are the terms that best describe Portland OR-based Truax Builder’s Supply. Founded in 1946 as a wood window manufacturing and sales establishment, Truax today remains a family-owned business. A fire in 2004 led to the construction of a new showroom, but the company is still located at 10949 SE Division Street. Small in that it resides in two modest buildings with only 17 employees, Truax is not small in scope when it comes to... more

In Part One, “Care Of Your Antique Victorian Picture Frames,” we looked at how Victorian frames were made, from their molding and ornament, to the various finishing techniques used to duplicate a carved, museum-quality frame. Middle-class Americans were now able to afford these semi-productions, picture frames for their parlors. A fine, higher quality Victorian frame with composition ornament and 23K gold leaf. Cleaning a large burnished bronze powder frame from 1910 or so.   All... more

Most of us have something decorative framed on our walls. If we have an historic home, there are probably several period art works, prints behind glass, or paintings. If we are lucky, some of those artworks are family pieces with old frames, passed down to us years ago or recently inherited. Maybe we have become collectors of investment quality, original, old paintings.   Restored medium-quality Victorian frame in brass leaf, composition ornament, and silver leaf which is toned on the four... more

We renovate our homes for many reasons — whether for making better use of existing space, adding space for growing families, general upkeep, or increasing value. Ideally, renovation projects should start from the foundation up. Nobody would just paint over failing siding or shingles. The same applies to renovating a house sitting upon a deteriorating foundation. Today, many older foundations have decayed beyond repair, and the days when bad foundations were superficially repaired with a skim coating... more

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