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Known as the “Tiffany of the Northwest,” the Povey Brothers Studio has produced some of the most beautiful and lasting stained glass pieces in all of Oregon. For instance, David and John Povey’s artwork can be found in the First Presbyterian Church, the Atkinson Memorial Unitarian Church, and the Pittock Mansion, just to name a few. Their windows were known for having unequaled quality and beauty, which has allowed the windows to last for over 100 years. The art of stained glass was a family... more

As she made her morning coffee, Ari Starke realized she needed a sweater for the first time this season. She sighed, “Here we go again.” The owner of a 1930s Tudor, Starke loved her historic little home with all of its charm. Unless it was cold outside; then she was torn. “I have these beautiful wood windows, but it was miserable to sit too close to them. On windy days, they rattled and you could even feel the air coming in between the top and the bottom sash. The amount of money we spent heating... more

Your front door is the gateway to your home. It’s the first impression visitors get when they enter your home. Over time an entry can look outdated and weathered. Replacing a new exterior door today could cost more than you’re willing to invest, depending on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. However, if getting a brand-new door sounds like a lot of work, with all the demolition, time, and money, you’ll be surprised to hear of a cost-effective way to create an elegant entry. BEFORE AFTER Most... more

There are many reasons to replace your windows, and a lot of questions come up in the decision making process. I’ll try to answer some of the more important ones here. Q Should I replace my old windows and doors on a house I intend to sell soon? A New windows and doors are a great way to improve the resale value of your home. If the existing windows are in poor shape, a potential buyer may not even make an offer, and if an offer is made it will often include a requirement to upgrade the windows.... more

Springtime is finely here, and with it brings the need for many of us to clean out the old. This often includes remodeling, whether it’s a full-on construction/rebuild or a small project like updating a favorite piece of furniture. By taking a chair or table, having it stripped and refinished, a room can take on a whole new, fresh look and feel. If a home project involves something on a larger scale such as kitchen cabinets or woodwork, these can be removed and taken to be stripped at the only... more

Small, unique, family-owned, intimate, and wildly busy, are the terms that best describe Portland OR-based Truax Builder’s Supply. Founded in 1946 as a wood window manufacturing and sales establishment, Truax today remains a family-owned business. A fire in 2004 led to the construction of a new showroom, but the company is still located at 10949 SE Division Street. Small in that it resides in two modest buildings with only 17 employees, Truax is not small in scope when it comes to... more

Without an Indow Window With an Indow Window Brian McLean’s breakfast nook, with its seven windows looking out onto northeast Fremont Street in Portland, OR, was cold and drafty. The windows, in close proximity to the kitchen, also experienced condensation, with potential damage to the wood frame from water running down the cold panes and collecting on the muntins. Replacement was not an attractive option, so instead, Brian decided to purchase thermal window inserts from Indow®... more

On average 25% to 50% of energy used in a home goes right out the window — literally. In most homes, windows provide the biggest openings between indoor and outdoor air, and they provide the biggest opportunity for valuable energy to escape. To assist homeowners with upgrading from old, drafty windows, the federal government is offering tax credits under a new act signed into law in late 2010. Available until December 31, 2011, the tax credit is for up to 10% of the cost, up to $500, but windows... more

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