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Save Money! With the Help of Do-It-Yourself Heating. Yes, you can install your own system: Thousands of self-proclaimed “do-it-yourselfers” have successfully upgraded their home heating and air-conditioning systems with help from Do-It-Yourself Heating, a local retail business known for its personal service, quality workmanship, custom made products, and expert advice.

Located in Southeast Portland, Do-It-Yourself Heating was Oregon’s first retailer to offer do-it-yourself (DIY) heating and air-conditioning services and products. It all started in 1963 when V. Vinje & Son, Inc., a custom metal fabrication company, was established by Victor and Donna Vinje in the basement of their home. With the help of loyal customers, V. Vinje & Son grew over the years and is now managed by Bob Vinje, who started sweeping the store floor as a young boy. He opened the Do-It-Yourself Heating retail store and now has 25 years of full-time service experience.

With their vast selection of in-stock heating, cooling, and indoor air quality related products; their full line of national brand equipment; plus their custom metal fabrication capabilities, this business is like no other.

Customers can find everything from furnaces and air-conditioning units to air filtration systems, furnace filters, and registers. Even though Do-It-Yourself Heating customers do most of the actual work themselves, they get a team of certified HVAC professionals helping them with project planning through every step of the process, making sure their projects turn out right and safe for years to come.

More Than Heating
The Do-It-Yourself Heating team of experts provides everything a customer will need to maintain, install, or upgrade their own air-quality system. Adding an air-quality system is an easy DIY project to start with.

You’re never alone from start to finish, with support, duct design, and even code and permit help. Every job is a custom job and treated as such. Estimates are free, turnarounds are timely, and factory warranties are provided for all equipment.

Most reassuring for do-it-yourselfers these days is the long-standing reputation for quality and accuracy of Do-It-Yourself Heating. Vinje’s commitment to continuing the family tradition of satisfying each and every customer with accuracy and quality is what keeps people coming back and referring others. After 44 years of being in business, V. Vinje & Son has yet to receive a single complaint from the Construction Contractors Board or the Better Business Bureau simply because they made a commitment that every customer gets the custom work and personal service they deserve.

The best advice Vinje has for homeowners who are planning to upgrade their heating, air-conditioning, and air quality systems is to start early, before the weather gets too cold, so the process is not rushed. “The more time you can give yourself for planning, system design, and installation, the better. Early summer is the ideal time for do-it-yourselfers to visit our store with a project in mind to find out how we can help.

”Do-It-Yourself Heating saved me over $2,000 on my new furnace and heat pump“
Tim H.
Sherwood, OR

We invite homeowners to shop our store for filters and maintenance supplies, and we will be happy to talk with them about how Do-It-Yourself Heating can upgrade their equipment whenever they are ready. It’s never too soon to make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient,” claims Vinje.

For the Professional
V. Vinje & Son, Inc., also offers custom sheet metal fabrication, with 44 years experience. Working with steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, they offer custom ducting, venting, plenums, transitions, and flashings.

Do-It-Yourself Heating
544 SE 78th Avenue, Portland, OR 97215

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