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Springtime is finely here, and with it brings the need for many of us to clean out the old. This often includes remodeling, whether it’s a full-on construction/rebuild or a small project like updating a favorite piece of furniture. By taking a chair or table, having it stripped and refinished, a room can take on a whole new, fresh look and feel. If a home project involves something on a larger scale such as kitchen cabinets or woodwork, these can be removed and taken to be stripped at the only... more

My house was painted two years ago, and I already have mold and mildew forming in a couple places? Why? The northwest has a wet and damp climate, the perfect formula for mold and mildew to grow. Most high-quality paints have Mildewcide (a mildew control for wood surfaces) added to them, but given time they will break down due to our wet weather. Shade is mold and mildew’s best friend. The side of the house that never sees sun is more prone to developing mold and mildew growth. If you have trees,... more

The reality is that most of us live in relatively modest houses where space is limited. If your house was built around the turn of the 20th Century you have probably inherited an outdated and inefficient kitchen along with the period charm. Kitchens were designed differently a hundred years ago, and without retrofits, they rarely fit the needs of the modern homeowner. The trick to remodeling a period kitchen is doing it in a way that is respectful of the architectural details of the house while adding... more

Unlike original kitchens and bathrooms in vintage homes, vintage fireplace fronts are less commonly remuddled (although it does happen). However, homeowners do confront the issue of how to properly restore something that has been inappropriately altered or address other types of damage to vintage fireplace fronts. It is challenging to find a craftsperson who has an in-depth knowledge of how to approach damaged tile fireplace fronts. But never fear, there is indeed an expert who can make expert repairs... more

We’ve been lucky to have such a mild winter. Things are raring to go in my garden and yours as well, I’m sure. The birds are singing, daffodils are blooming, and I’m digging around my garden like a wild woman. That being said, this month I’m talking about a new-ish trend in indoor plants. Not so new really, more like a resurgence of a trend from the 1970s. Isn’t it funny how everything just comes around full circle every 20 to 30 years? You would have to be living under a rock to not have... more

Are you in need or in the market for a new floor? How do you sort through the growing sea of choices and know that you are getting a floor that meets your needs for quality and style? Flooring is an integral part of every home’s décor and functionality. It adds to its esthetics and ambiance and can help with resale values. However, it can be a daunting task to sort through the pros and cons of each style of flooring available as well as researching how they’re constructed, installed, and maintained.... more

There are few things in a home that get beaten, scraped, and chopped at as much as the kitchen sink. Though we all appreciate the kitchen sink, we don’t think about it much until the day we decide we need a new one or we are selecting fixtures for a new home or kitchen remodel. The best sink is the one that lasts a lifetime and the one you don’t have to spend much time worrying about. Only when it needs a good cleaning do we really focus on it and then we either appreciate its features or hate... more

Small, unique, family-owned, intimate, and wildly busy, are the terms that best describe Portland OR-based Truax Builder’s Supply. Founded in 1946 as a wood window manufacturing and sales establishment, Truax today remains a family-owned business. A fire in 2004 led to the construction of a new showroom, but the company is still located at 10949 SE Division Street. Small in that it resides in two modest buildings with only 17 employees, Truax is not small in scope when it comes to... more

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