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Known as the “Tiffany of the Northwest,” the Povey Brothers Studio has produced some of the most beautiful and lasting stained glass pieces in all of Oregon. For instance, David and John Povey’s artwork can be found in the First Presbyterian Church, the Atkinson Memorial Unitarian Church, and the Pittock Mansion, just to name a few. Their windows were known for having unequaled quality and beauty, which has allowed the windows to last for over 100 years. The art of stained glass was a family... more

Here in Portland, many of the beautiful homes you see as you drive through the Mississippi, Alberta, and Mount Tabor neighborhoods were built prior to 1980. Older homes provide a historic charm that many homeowners enjoy. However, remodeling updates, particularly to the plumbing of these homes, are a must to keep them safe and stylish for years to come. Performing these updates brings up a number of issues unique to older plumbing. If you are renovating a home constructed over 40 years ago, consider... more

“More is better” has been losing popularity in our increasingly downsizing culture, but making it work in our homes can be tricky. We have learned to eat less, but more nutritionally. We know to conserve more natural resources and waste less in unnecessary purchases. Our culture has embraced the idea of frugality, yet we find it difficult to practice when it comes to home design. Just as people need information to change their daily eating and consumption habits, so we need to learn to live well... more

Oregon’s brief but brilliant summer months demand to be celebrated with frequent backyard dining adventures. The trouble is, there’s never a great place to prep the meat for the grill. And where do you put the grilled corn while you are waiting for the sausages to finish? A chef with a sunburn is never attractive. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a sink to wash up as you go? Sounds like it’s time to upgrade to a full outdoor kitchen. A built-in bar and metal stools add seating options... more

The quest for appropriate hardware can be very confusing, and the choices overwhelming! For those looking to select appropriate hardware for their period home, there is the need to understand what would have been used in a particular time period, coupled with personal taste. For our purposes, the focus will be on the kitchen and bath areas. These are the two rooms most commonly “re-muddled” in vintage homes. Sometimes it may be just too expensive to remove a previous owner’s misguided mangling... more

Whether you need a new showerhead or just want a change, there are hundreds of choices out there. There are at least four different kinds of showerheads: fixed, rain, slider hand-held, and multi-everything. The fixed showerhead has several adjustments, such as for a strong flow, pulsing spray, and massage action. The slider shower systems have a slider bar and a hand held showerhead. What I call the multi-spray is usually a combination of the fixed with the slider, and also body jets. Delta Arzo... more

After traveling to Italy and enjoying a dinner cooked in a wood fired Pompeii oven, I had a dream to build my own oven. The dream went on the back burner until I visited Portland and enjoyed pizza at Ken’s Artisan Pizza; again I desired my own oven. Fast forward five years and a relocation to Portland. I finally decided I was in the right place to build my oven. Doing the research and consulting with my son’s employer, located in Seattle, who built his own oven, I figured it out and started the... more

Vintage fixtures have become increasingly rare with the successive remodels that have become so common in the past few decades. Perfectly functional vintage fixtures have given way to the latest and greatest fashion statements, being promoted by designers and those in the business of selling product. Untouched Victorian bathrooms are exceedingly rare, with 1920s and 1930s bathrooms and kitchens in the next-rarest category. It’s more common for 1940s and 1950s bathrooms to survive. But now, even... more

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