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It is one of those dreaded things in life, when the toilet doesn’t flush. At first, you jiggle the handle and it works for a while. Deep down, you know that you really should go down to A-Boy and buy a new flapper. You let it go a little longer, until you have to jiggle it almost every time. The procrastination is starting to get to you, so you go and buy a flapper for less than four dollars. It sits in the trunk of your car for a week and then your wife says, “We have relatives coming to visit... more

Nothing makes a bathroom stand out quite like a shower area that is a real work of art. You could have that look if you took the time, effort, and a modest amount of money to make it happen. The best part is that a quality shower doesn’t have to cost a lot. This tub enclosure is made with ¼” glass, and because it has three sections it collapses down to a minimum of space when not in use. The above shower enclosure is an example of 1/2 “ frameless glass and is strong, but very minimalistic. This... more

The western slopes of Mt. Hood hold a myriad of recreational opportunities and scenic wonders. The area, clustered along Route 26 from Welches up-mountain to Government Camp, also contains dozens of artistically rustic “Steiner Cabins.” Between the late 1920s and 1940s, German immigrant carpenter/homebuilder Henry Steiner and his son, John, constructed as many as 100 of these one-of-a-kind log dwellings (the exact number is still a matter of speculation).Many cabins and houses were built on Mt.... more

When the days grow short and the blustery Winnie-the-Pooh weather sets in, it’s time to tuck in your garden beds, store the tools, take a few months’ break from your outside chores, and settle in for a cozy fall and winter. Now, it’s really no secret that I really love fall. Love is actually an incredible understatement. Even my most patient friends, employees, and husband are sick to death of me wandering around saying, “Can you believe the colors on those trees?” But as much as I adore... more

Often, we at Harvest Construction LLC are asked to design and remodel a bathroom from floor to ceiling. Frequently the potential client will add, “It’s just a small bathroom, about 6’ X 8’,” which typically means they really don’t want to spend much money on this remodel. Then the client will add their wishes for finishes in their remodeled space, such as tile in the shower or tub surround, tile on the floor, and sometimes heated travertine floors. While these finishes can be beautiful... more

I love the idea of using repurposed and recycled materials in my interior projects, but I hate the idea of giving up great style. In my many trips to design markets and gift shows I have found some amazing recycled and repurposed products that are super stylish, easy on the eyes, and easy on the environment. I have managed to find pieces that are the true definition of green, no greenwashing here! One of the main benefits of eco-friendly furniture is that it means less material ends up in the landfill.... more

The anatomy of a staircase is not something most people will contemplate or take the time to know. After all, unless one is a stair guy, why would one need to know the difference between a ball top and a tread cap? While it’s true that stairs are more complicated than just about anything else a carpenter could tackle, it’s also true that if you have stairs you will eventually find yourself standing in front of a stair guy, trying to decide what to do about your out-of-date or -code stairs. At... more

With the current economy forcing people to stay in their homes because they can’t afford to sell them, we see some new trends in the remodeling industry. Before 2008, it was common for people to spend $50K or more remodeling their kitchens, and being able to recoup the investments when they sold their houses a few years later. That all changed with house prices plummeting four years ago. This kitchen involved moving the range out of the island and the refrigerator from where the range is... more

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