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Just when you think you have a handle on all of the terminology when it comes to choosing a simple thing like a color for a room in your house words like monochromatic and analogous are added. So before you select a color scheme, recognize that no color exists in isolation. In nature all colors exist in harmony. The Earth is a colorful place. The human eye can distinguish more than ten million colors. Faced ... more

Designed for Retrofit: No matter when your home was built or what the physical configurations are, you can install radiant heating along with the mini-duct system for high performance heating cooling comfort. Crafted to weave around and through existing construction, both systems provide a perfect solution for retrofit applications. In fact, you’ll find there’s little or no remodeling required.... more

In the last twenty-five years as a contractor I have inflicted literally hundreds of people with “remodeling fever,” the malaise that besets the healthiest homeowners once the dust starts flying. Some were even doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians and paramedics, yet they found, despite their medical expertise, that there is no real cure — you just have to tough it out. However, the universal result of... more

When the fire retardation property of asbestos was discovered, it was heralded as a wonder product. And it has proved to live up to its expectations. Applications have included everything from welding gloves to building insulation to brake pads. But, like so many things that have wide-ranging, even life-saving applications, asbestos has a dark side. When the small microscopic fibers that make up manufactured asbestos products are released into the air, they can be inhaled by building occupants... more

Refacing can give your kitchen or bath the feel of a full remodel. Basically, cabinets are boxes sitting on the floor or hanging on the wall. It can be quite expensive to replace the boxes. Refacing, or resurfacing is economical and a time saver. This type of renovation project produces minimal mess allowing you to utilize your kitchen/bath throughout the process. When you replace all your cabinets, you may need to match... more

Kitchen remodeling offers such a multitude of choices, from the style and finish of cabinetry, appliances, plumbing and lighting, flooring and wall materials – the options seem endless. The materials available for countertop surfacing present even more decisions to be made. The choice is made easier however, because each countertop surface works in a... more

Recycled Flooring McGee Salvage located in Scappoose produces a new line that is professionally pre-finished distressed old-growth fir flooring. McGee can also distress any type of wood like hardrock maple and oak. No sanding or filling is required. The flooring comes ready to install. With this product you can custom order any color stain and the degree of distressing.... more

As a home owner/renter you can increase the efficiency of your heating system by doing a few fall tune-ups. The heating unit itself should not be tampered with. If you feel that your heating system is not performing to past standards call a licensed heating specialist. Gas, electric, and oil burning units carry high voltage and could impose a serious injury or health hazard. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Air Filter Replacement Changing the air filter is a simple fix. The purpose of a filter... more

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