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No longer will consumers have to stand in front of an open refrigerator door letting cool air out, trying to decide what to eat. Sub-Zero Freezer Company, unveiled its Model 601RG, a custom refrigerator with a commercial-looking glass door that lets owners see inside. The Sub-Zero glass door offers a variety of interior lighting options to complement the kitchen. The subdued interior light can be set to glow softly with the door shut, adding a warm effect to a kitchen. When the door is opened, the... more

In all the years that I’ve worked as a licensed contractor, the single-most frequently asked question by homeowners is about the dreaded toilet hiss. One day I asked a journeyman plumber friend what caused it and how to stop it. The first thing I learned is that as simple a system as toilets are they are also notoriously finicky. It’s not unusual for a newly installed toilet or flushing mechanism to require some follow-up tweaking. I also learned that the loss of water related to these... more

Now that the weather is getting warmer wouldn’t it be nice to open that window? But the window is painted shut and the sash cord is broken. You can fix the problem with a few tools and a Saturday afternoon. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Step One First check to see if the inside/outside of the window is painted shut. Use a window saw to cut through the paint. (figure 1) A pocket knife or a utility knife will work too, but the window saw is the safest and... more

This “green” product comes in 14 colors With a little imagination, a homeowner can visualize a gem of a house under a peeling paint job. But the expense of repainting doesn’t need to stand in the way what could be – with a little polish – your dream home. The solution? MetroPaint, a high quality, extremely affordable, environmentally friendly, 100 percent recycled latex paint. Metro has been collecting surplus latex paint from households and businesses and processing... more

The ReBuilding Center offers reusable building materials and deconstruction services Green building. It’s the latest buzz in the construction industry, and it plays a key role in the drive toward sustainability. Like many homeowners, you may be interested in greening your next home project but you aren’t sure where to begin. Start with your choice of materials. It’s an essential step in the green direction. Think reuse, save money and look no further. The ReBuilding Center carries... more

When choosing a contractor to work on your home, the one universal bit of advice is: Interview three contractors and choose the middle bid. The reasoning behind this theory is, supposedly, that the highest one charges too much for his services and the lowest one underbids and then asks for more money later. The middle bid, however, is just right. Maybe. If this theory is universally accurate, all you have to do is follow its formula, confident that everything will be all right, and relax happily-ever-after... more

By Jeremy Vesbach Many volatile organic compounds (VOC) stink, some cause environmental damage, and some are known to cause health problems. And unless you pay attention to which paints, varnishes, and adhesives you use, it’s easy to inundate your home with harmful VOCs during a remodeling project. A volatile organic compound is a solvent that becomes a gas at room temperature. They are commonly referred to in the construction biz as VOCs, and are increasingly avoided by those in the know.... more

We think of the Pacific Northwest as a place of abundant rainfall and plentiful water. And it is…for now. But as our water demands continue to grow, long-term water supply issues — and the factors that impact them — will become more important. Start saving water now with help from the Regional Water Providers Consortium. Faucets, showerheads, and toilets are everyday household fixtures that can be water-wasters or water-savers. With a free water-saving kit from the Regional Water Providers... more

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