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You’re standing in the middle of your kitchen thinking about how wonderful it would be to have new cabinets and countertops to create a more modern, more welcoming feel. Then you think about the time and energy it will take to choose the cabinets, place your order, and then wait for weeks until they’re delivered. And then there’s the time it takes to coordinate having your contractor come in to install the cabinets once they’ve arrived. With a heavy sigh you decide to hold off on remodeling your kitchen because you just can’t be without your kitchen for weeks on end.

Don’t give up on your kitchen remodeling ideas! Parr Cabinet Outlet is changing the way people buy cabinets. The outlet operates on the premise of: You buy today, install tomorrow. After walking through the showroom, you can enter the 20,000 sq ft warehouse filled with thousands of Cardell Cabinets. Take your time, look at the variety of cabinets available, and handpick the cabinets you want.

Don’t worry about being a beginner; the staff at the outlet is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to answer your questions about the various profiles, materials, and styles available. And while the team can help you with your selection and limited hand-drawn service is available, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of their cabinet measurements.

Jeff Cox, manager of the Hillsboro Parr Cabinet Outlet, recommends the following to anyone planning on taking on a kitchen remodel. “When you take the measurements in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or wherever you will be installing the cabinets, be sure to double check the measurements for accuracy. Height, width, and depth measurements are all critical when it comes to cabinet selection. If you think a measurement is 24” wide and it’s actually 23 7/8”, you’re going to end up with a cabinet too big for the space.”

While the “Cash and Carry” portion of its business is significant, the Parr Cabinet Outlet does offer upgrades through the Cardell line of products. Dish racks, appliqués, and a host of other options and upgrades are available for the homeowner looking to design their ideal kitchen. Not only are homeowners discovering the convenience of “cabinets on-demand” but contractors too have found the convenience of cabinets in stock and ready to install. As with the Parr Lumber stores, financing is available for your cabinet purchases.

The buy today, install tomorrow concept has caught on in the Portland metropolitan area. The first year of the Hillsboro Parr Cabinet Outlet has been so successful that Parr Lumber is opening a second location to grow the business of on-demand cabinet availability.

The newest Parr Cabinet Outlet will be opening May 1 in Fife, Washington in the South Puget Sound area. The management and staff of the second outlet is also experienced in the building and cabinet industry.

You can find information about the Cabinet Outlet locations and hours by visiting or call 503-614-2500.

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